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Dr. Brian Boe - Rockford, IL

Getting to Know Housecall Medicine with Dr. Brian Boe Transcript


Tell us about your background.

I went to the University of Illinois, undergrad, where I majored in Biophysics. I went to the University of Illinois Medical School. I started in Champaign and ended up in Peoria for four years where I did a surgical residency for five years in Peoria. After that, I was a surgeon for 15 years.

How do you feel that housecalls benefit patients?

I think the biggest thing is many patients have disabilities such that they can't sit and wait for 3 hours in the doctor’s office. So, they're more comfortable at home. They can be seen at home, and they don't have that 24 hour rest period or recovery period after they go out to see an in-office position.

How do you feel about team-based medicine in the home?

I think it's a great idea. You know, it'd be nice to have more different specialties had housecall abilities. It'd be nice to get a dentist out to see a patient or something like that.

What critical needs do most of your patients face?

Most of them need caregivers. Caregivers are a big commodity. Most of the patients I see need some kind of help. A lot of the programs are being cut by the state. State Caregivers hours are being cut, a lot of them just need more help.

What is your one wish for modern medicine?

I just wish we could go back to more patient-oriented care.

What do you like to do in your free time?

We just got a new dog last year and she's a lot of fun. So we love we’re taking her to places doing stuff with her.

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