A Letter to Our Patients

July 3, 2017

At MD at Home, our primary goal is to get you the best possible care. For many, this means not only treating immediately apparent symptoms and conditions but also treating the root causes of those symptoms. Our focus on preventative care honors our promise to keep patients out of the hospital, preventing costly readmissions.

Welcome to MD at Home

On behalf our entire team of caregivers and our support staff, I want to welcome you to our practice.

MD at Home has been caring for homebound patients since 1993. During that time, we've had the privilege of serving thousands of patients and families. Our practice offers a unique level of care and service. We are focused on helping chronically ill, homebound patients and families manage their medical conditions while remaining in their home.  We work with an extensive care team network to provide our patients with the multidisciplinary care they need to remain safely at home and develop disease state specific self-management skills.

  • Patient care philosophy: We respect your choice to remain in your home. We believe it is our responsibility to help you remain there. In order to achieve this, we schedule our appointments based on your health care condition. Contacting your doctor: Our office hours are 8:30am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday. In the event it’s imperative to reach your doctor outside of those hours, we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by phone. Our after-hours phone number is 312-243-2223. We are not an emergency service; in the event you have an acute medical need and need to see a doctor on an emergency basis, you should call 911.
  • Access to your medical information: We recognize that collaborating with a multi-disciplinary medical team is essential to ensuring our patients' health.  Our providers have 24-hour access to your medical information through our fully-automated, web based electronic medical records because being sick doesn’t happen between 9 and 5.  In addition, our patients are able to access their medical records at any time through our patient portal.
  • Hospitalization:  We do not see patients when they are hospitalized.  Hospitals have specialized doctors call Hospitalists who visit patients when they are in the hospital.  Your hospitalist can call us at any time to obtain your medical information or consult with us on your care.  When you discharge from the Hospital, you can have the hospital send us a copy of your medical information.
  • Payment: Our practice accepts Medicare Assignment. This means Medicare has established a set amount to be charged for each service provided by a healthcare professional. Medicare pays us 80% of this “set amount and the remaining 20% of this set amount is paid by the patient. Often the remaining 20%will be paid by a secondary insurance carrier or Medicaid. If you or your family members have any questions regarding your insurance coverage for a house call visit please call our office at (312) 243-2223.

Thank you for choosing MD at Home.


MD at Home

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