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About Us

MD at Home provides home care, home medical doctors, and housecall physicians to patients in need with a focus on preventing readmissions during the transition from an acute care setting to the home. For over 20 years, we’ve served as the premier healthcare resource for primary care and geriatric medicine for homebound patients in the Chicagoland area. Partnering alongside some of Chicago’s most established and respected institutions, we tailor our programs toward modern guidelines with an unwavering focus on clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and measured clinical outcomes. 

Our continuum of care and individual care plans highlight the importance of readmission reduction and high level transitions from the hospital to the home setting. MD at Home is transforming healthcare through our collaborative, proactive, and preventative approach to patient health.

Our approach reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and focuses on helping patients and caregivers better manage individual health from the comfort of their home. 

Through our expertise in primary care and geriatric medicine, our licensed clinicians deliver a comprehensive approach in the management of chronic conditions to homebound patients, and our highly trained physicians and nurses are certified to perform most of the same services offered in a physician's office. 

MD at Home is transforming reactive, crisis-oriented care into proactive, preventive medicine, reducing unnecessary emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and 30-day readmissions.

Who Qualifies for a Housecall Visit?

Patients with difficulty leaving home due to a mobility limitation

Patients with difficulty leaving the home due to cognitive impairment

Patients who require the use of special transportation to leave the home

Patients with an inability to leave the home and for whom leaving the home requires taxing effort

Patients requiring the assistance of another person to leave the home

Patients for whom leaving the home is medically contradictory due to the patient's medical condition

Accepted Insurance

MD at Home accepts the following insurance policies:

Physician Careers

MD at Home is hiring Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

Physicians with MD at Home
have a luxury many other medical doctors severely lack: time. Unlike a typical seven minute visit, our physicians spend an hour or more with each patient, gaining a holistic view of the patient's health within their native environment. This not only means more insight into the patient's daily life, but also into their care support system, including interacting with family members and caregivers.

This not only leads to better care for patients, but better lives for our doctors. Our physicians only work typical workday hours, allowing them to spend more time with their families, avoiding obscure hospital rounds or late nights.

Our physicians using cutting-edge EMR technology to maintain up-to-date health records for each and every patient so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

A Letter to Physicians

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Schedule a Home Visit

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Our HIPAA-compliant online referral system is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, the same encryption level used by most online banking systems and the same SSL technology that fuels most SecureFax systems already in use by hospitals.

Prefer to schedule a visit by phone? Give us a call at (312) 243-2223. 

​If you're a healthcare professional, please send additional medical documentation to our fax at (312) 243-8450.

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